Thursday, May 24, 2012

My graduate!!

This is my pre-school graduate!!
Cutest thing ever right? Is it embarrassing that I got teary eyed at a PRE-SCHOOL graduation?  She has learned so much this year & I am so proud of her! 
I absolutely hate the idea of my girls growing up.  I remember when I first had her I was so excited for her to learn anything & everything & to see her grow up!  Now I would do anything to make it stop! 
She has taught me & her dad so much about life & what's truly important. We will always do anything & everything for our kids because it's the least we can do!
Alyviah is smart beyond her years & quickly did the math about her being born before we were married.  This conversation always had me a little nervous, & I definitely didn't expect to be doing it at the age of 5.  But in the end I didn't have to say anything because she said everything. 
"Mom, I know your younger then other moms, but that's because I couldn't wait to see you, & I'm so happy I chose you to be my mommy."
One day we will explain to her how OUR choices are what got her here so early, but most importantly I'm happy we've raised her in a way that she knows how loved & cared for she is, and that she was always wanted! 
 I am so proud of our family, & so super proud & amazed at our little graduate! 
(Our only family picture...we struggle haha)
(alyviah was chosen to have a speaking part)
(They are fabulous)
They were told to decorate these paper dolls into what they want to be when they grow up...Alyviah chose to be a cop :)


  1. So dang cute! I can't believe how big both of them are. Congrats Lyv!

  2. She looks so cute! Crazy she will be in Kindergarten soon!

  3. Glad your blogging again!! She is a cute one!!

  4. Don't worry girl, I cried at Cambri's Kindergarten graduation yesterday lol. They started singing their little songs and the tears started falling. They grow up so fast!

  5. So cute! She is an absolute sweetheart!