Thursday, December 30, 2010


This year was so fun! It was the first year Alyviah understood Santa...and it was so fun to see her excitement!! Marley must of been equally excited because she didnt fall asleep till 4 A.M.!!! 
Thank goodness the kids slept in and didn't wake up till 7 :)
Christmas Morning
My grandpa still stops by every christmas to see everyone!
Then we went to Grandma Karens house!
Playing together!
 My attempt at a picture with both of them...Marley wasn't feelin it!

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve we go to my Grandpas house!
I love traditions, and I love this one!
We eat dinner,  have a nativity and break a pinata! We've been doing this since I was a baby, and it's so fun to watch my kids get to experience the same thing.
They were Angels this year
 These two are the first Great Grandkids for my grandpa and were the first great great grandkids for my great grandparents!  They are so cute together!
 My attempt at a group picture...our family is HUGE!
 Marley was too scared to try the pinata

After my grandpas we go home, and open pajamas!!
 Our kiss kiss faces!
 Lyv's obsessed with Logans Droid.
 Me and Logan...he's not tired at all :)
 Our dog Maximus got a new bed....Marley liked it more!!
Logan didn't want to wrap my present so I got it early...I love it :)


I absolutely LOVE the month of December :)
We don't usually go see temple square but we decided to this year...and it was FREEZING!!
But the temple was beautiful and Lyvi loved seeing it, so it was well worth the frozen hands!
Logan was way pumped for this picture...can you tell? 
 My Lovely Sister!!
 I can't believe how big my baby is getting!!
 So cute! She loved the nativity!
 My CrAZy Girls!!
 This picture cracks me up, she's making a mustache like her uncle McKay!
 So Beautiful!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alyviahs Dance Recital!!

Wow I have so much to catch up on.
Life has been so busy there has been no time for blogging.
Alyviah had her first dance recital! She is taking at Dance Showcase and it has been a great experience.  She loves to dance, and she has a GREAT teacher, who is wonderful with the girls! She dances with her sweet cousin Emma, and they have a ton of fun together!!  There show was the Grinch and they danced to where are you christmas; I'm so glad Alyviah danced, at practice she usually would stop and sing, because that is her FAVORITE song!!
Before the Show 
 ACTION SHOTS (not very good)
She was super nervous at first, and you could hear her crying when the curtains opened...she had to be carried out haha.
 After the Show Pictures with Santa and the Grinch!!
 The dancing Girls with Marley and Jersey! 
The Supporters!! We have the best family and friends!! We love you guys.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We are so blessed :)

It has been forever since I blogged...FOREVER..I still need to do Halloween, which I will once I am not lazy and upload all of our pictures.
 I just wanted to do a quick shout out to my husband! I am so proud of him! He has done so well this last semester in school and in the academy, finishing with A's in most everything.  
Each year one person from the academy is given a scholarship for the 2nd block, and we feel so blessed that Logan was chosen for that scholarship.  This has been a huge blessing to us, the academy is not cheap and we are grateful for this huge opportunity we have to not have to stress on how we would pay for his schooling!
Thank You to everyone who has supported us this last year, we are so grateful!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Littlest Princess

I can not believe how fast time has gone by.  She has gotten so big, and is starting to look less like a baby and more like a toddler.  It's bitter sweet.
At her check up she is in the 43% for weight & 14% for height. 
18 things we love about marley...
  • She is a GREAT little sister, her and Alyviah adore each other.
  • She LOVES playing 'babies' and loves to cuddle her Teddy Bear.
  • She has so many cute blankets, but prefers to carry around scrap material, it's her comfort.
  • She loves to eat and is constantly snacking, I have to change her clothes 2 or 3 times a day because she's always making sticky messes.
  • She is just barely starting to try and talk...she probably knows about 10 words haha.
  • She loves H2O...bath time is very enjoyable with her.
  • She's obsessed with her bink...I'm dreading taking her off of it.
  • She loves to dance, and can hardly stand when we take lyv to dance, she wants to go into the class so bad...only 18 more months :)
  • When Logan gets home from work/school she will run to the door.
  • She is a dare devil...she will jump off of anything and everything, whether your there to catch her or not...yes the poor things fallen down the stairs a couple times :/
  • She is a master fake cryer...I think she learned that from her big sister!
  • She thinks EVERYTHING is hers..."mine" is her favorite word :)
  • She loves playing dance freeze & red light green light, she's getting pretty good at them :)
  • Her smile and laugh is infectious, you can't look at her with out it making your day 
  • She has a Santa Clause Belly...I LOVE it!!
  • She loves to give hugs!! Anytime Alyviah cry's even when there in separate rooms you know Marley will be coming around the corner with her arms wide open.
  • She says hi & bye to anyone and everyone
  • She is a huge temper tantrum thrower...she will fold her arms then throw herself to the floor, roll on her belly and kick....once she goes through her ritual 2 seconds later she'll be laughing and smiling again.
Marley I am so glad that you are a part of our family! At such a young age you have such a big heart and amazing personality, and you've had it since the day you were born.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

2 days of fun! (another long post)

First in case you wanted to see lyvs new hair style I took a picture :)  It's been pretty easy to hide, and has already grown a little bit!
Saturday we decided to take our sweet girls to Kangaroo Zoo!  My girls absolutely LOVE this place, they have a blast every time they go!! 

 Marley was a little nervous at first; this is her fake cry face.

Sunday we had our pumpkin party with the family! 

 Marley had to stop participating...she kept eating the paint!
 Love this picture

 Logan ended up with a big hole for a pumpkin...everyone does it once haha
 Nana and Lyv's pumpkin...Alyviah took Logans hole and made a pretty face :)
 McKay and Amy; We love them!