Friday, February 12, 2010


I am updating my blog.
Life has been super busy for us,and a blog just felt like too much.
Not a whole lot of excitement really Logans busy working, I'm busy with working and going to school, and our girls are busy getting big and learning new things.

Alyviah is one month from being 3
WOW has it really been that long???
It goes to fast.
In these three short years lyvi has grown too....
  • Talk way to much, people don't believe that she is only 2 when she talks.
  • She is obsessed with Little Einsteins
  • She adores her cousin Emmalee
  • She needs her Beauty Sleep or watch out.
  • She is a Princess, and loves dressing up as one...ALL the time, some days she will only answer to Sleeping Beauty
  • She loves noodles and happy meals
  • She is a performer, and I can't wait till I can put her in her first dance class.
  • She is double jointed in one leg and can turn her foot backwards (I couldn't get a good picture, but here it is kind of...)
  • She is the worlds GREATEST big sister
  • She has a HUGE heart
  • She is a GREAT helper
  • Shes a Mommas girl, but adores her daddy!
  • She has an AMAZING personality!!
  • I am blessed to have her as my daughter!! 

Marley is soon to be 10 MONTHS old.
Now that's just crazy CRAZY crazy!!

In her short months here we've come to  learn that
  • She will be not as out spoken as lyvi (she is very quite) unless she gets mad, then EVERYONE know it
  • She only says Momma
  • She loves anything she can put in her mouth.
  • She has a very sweet spirit.
  • We all think she's a chunk but only weighs 16 ibs. which is the 5% but she's only got 6 more pounds and she's caught up to lyvi.
  • She has an infectious smile and laugh
  • She loves the dog Sir Maxximus
  • She is a fast crawler, and is always into EVERYTHING
  • She loves her sister
  • She is a HUGE momma's girl
  • She is tough, she's always hitting her head on our tile,  and never crys
  • She is a HUGE blessing in our lives!!






lyv always crawls into Marley's crib.