Sunday, May 24, 2009

Being a mommy of two

Oh goodness it seems to be MUCH harder then I had imagined.
I love it, but balancing the two girls has been hard! Alyviah demands SOOOO much attention, that this new baby has sent her for a loop. The temper tantrums have come up a notch, the whining up 4 notches, not to mention she now has decided to be a baby.
LOVES binkis, being wrapped, being burped, being fed her sippy cup thats full of chocolate milk and crying about nothing :)

At the same time she is an adorable big sister. She is so good with her she's learned to hold her which can get a little scary, help change her diapers, always makes sure she has her binki on demand and is ALWAYS checking on her making sure no one is bugging her.

We are blessed to have two amazing little girls though, and we would not change it for the world!!
As for Marley, I believe she came down totally prepared for her big sister. She is such a good sport and pretty much lets lyvi do whatever she wants to her and rarely crys.
She is such a good baby and for that we are grateful
(she pulls a funny face everytime we take a picture, with out fail haha)