Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Midnight Moments...

Marley's not been sleeping well lately, so today when I found her asleep in the most random place I chose to leave her alone. It was 6:00 pm & I knew better! But because of her location (in the toy room halfway under the couch) I figured the nap wouldn't last long....at 10:30 sleeping beauty woke up :)
Because of this....
We got these midnight moments....
 Love my cheese ball
....then she lost interest in picture taking...
Then she found her blanket...
She's a moody little punk...but she's pretty spectacular!!
Oh & then there's her sister who got a late night & lasted till 10:30
She's equally spectacular :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

We went to the Zoo..

Today I was watching NO kids, & Logan also had work off!
This is a rare occasion so we decided to do something fun with the girls & go to the zoo! I totally thought the new section to the zoo was open....of course its not open til tomorrow!  I guess that gives us a good reason to go back! 
The whole time Alyviah was obsessed with looking at her map. 
 Until we finally made it to her favorite...the giraffes!!

Marley was not in the picture taking mood...so she was refusing to smile, the apes were here favorite!
Took a break from walking & they decided to play hide & seek...they're basically experts
They loved it & can't wait to go back...

Saturday, May 26, 2012


This is Marley's favorite costume, & that's bullseye she's riding 
She's unique & special & we love her :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My graduate!!

This is my pre-school graduate!!
Cutest thing ever right? Is it embarrassing that I got teary eyed at a PRE-SCHOOL graduation?  She has learned so much this year & I am so proud of her! 
I absolutely hate the idea of my girls growing up.  I remember when I first had her I was so excited for her to learn anything & everything & to see her grow up!  Now I would do anything to make it stop! 
She has taught me & her dad so much about life & what's truly important. We will always do anything & everything for our kids because it's the least we can do!
Alyviah is smart beyond her years & quickly did the math about her being born before we were married.  This conversation always had me a little nervous, & I definitely didn't expect to be doing it at the age of 5.  But in the end I didn't have to say anything because she said everything. 
"Mom, I know your younger then other moms, but that's because I couldn't wait to see you, & I'm so happy I chose you to be my mommy."
One day we will explain to her how OUR choices are what got her here so early, but most importantly I'm happy we've raised her in a way that she knows how loved & cared for she is, and that she was always wanted! 
 I am so proud of our family, & so super proud & amazed at our little graduate! 
(Our only family picture...we struggle haha)
(alyviah was chosen to have a speaking part)
(They are fabulous)
They were told to decorate these paper dolls into what they want to be when they grow up...Alyviah chose to be a cop :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Life's Happenings...

Sheesh it's been forever! I am pretty sure there is a grand total of 2 people who still read this, I figure it will be good for me to look back on one day :)

Logan has almost been at his job at the jail for a year! This has been a great job for him, and he is doing really well!  This job is such a blessing for our little family, & we couldn't be more grateful for all the hard work he puts in!  I no longer work at the gym! I loved the people I worked with but I definitely don't miss the job! I now watch a few kids from my home, which has been another huge blessing! I love the kids I watch & the parents are all so sweet! 
We just had our 4th anniversary in May! We are so proud of that :)

Alyviah Kae turned 5 & is officially graduating from pre-school on Wednesday! She has learned so much from her school! We were lucky to find such an amazing one & I would recommend "FUNSHINE" to anyone! She was also on her first competition dance team! They did really well this year, and she absolutely loved every minute of it. Alyviah is still a huge sweet heart! She is a great sister, friend, & daughter! She is still a huge girly girl!  She hates getting too dirty and loves barbies, babies, dress up etc.

Marley Shay is now 3! She could possibly be the most hysterical 3 year old out there! It is rare to go more then an hour with out laughing at something she has to say!  For example here is a conversation we had last night.

Marley: "mom lyv said she hates me."
Alyviah. "I would never say that marley."
Marley: "shh lyv you didn't hear it."
Me. "hmm..marley care to explain how lyv didn't hear something she said?"

She is a spit fire, and has a definite temper, but she can also be the biggest sweet heart.  She is fiercely loyal to her sister, sometimes I wonder if Marley was supposed to be the bigger sister, because if you hurt alyviah or make her feel bad...watch out!  She is not quite as "girly-girl" as Lyv.  She  LOVES her dinosaurs, horses and anything toy story!  She is excited to start gymnastics this summer, & is still wanting me to sign her up for wrestling...yes wrestling! She will start pre-school in September, and that kind of makes me sad!
This is what I got when I told her to smile...
Marley & Jersey

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lyvs Dance Recital

A couple weeks ago was Lyvs BIG dance recital.  They did a tap dance & then a ballet dance.  There ballet dance was part of the Toy Story and they were the little piggies! It was so fun to watch Lyv dance.  She absolutely loves dancing and loves her teacher Miss Val.  She dances at Dance Showcase, and I can't think of a better place to go to.  There show was so cute, and they are so good to the little girls! 
Tap Dance action :)

Ballet Action :)

After the Show!
She loved the Trophy!! And all the Toy Story Characters!!

Thank You to EVERYONE who came and watched her!! 
She loved having all of you there :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

About Dang Time...

I have not blogged in FOREVER!! So here is a good post to start getting back into it :)  Logan surprised me for mothers day and got my girls pictures done!! I love them all!!

 Pictures done by Lacey Lii Photography!