Saturday, June 26, 2010

Because I miss YOU...

My Best Friend EVER
has officially landed in Cuenca Ecuador where she will live for 3 MONTHS!
 She is going to be so great with all the kids she is going to meet they will all love her.
My kids sure do...and they sure do miss you girl!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

My man is the best Daddy.
He adores our girls and is so protective over them, sometimes it can drive you crazy! But I wouldn't have it any other way! One day nana told lyvi that her prince charming was Lyvi said "Well my prince charming is my dad..and he will dance with me any day."  Marley loves playing with her dad she sits on his shoulders and will throw herself back and just laugh and laugh.

Another fabulous man in our lives is my dad.
He is haaamazing! He has always worked so hard supporting his family & is a great example to us.  He also adores his grandkids and is definitely wrapped around there pinkies.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Photo Shoot :)

Today I attempted to take pictures of the girls
This moment is my favorite 
the beginning of their frustrations
She's getting frustrated..lyv won't smile
She just can't handle it anymore and lyvi is stunned haha
 Finally I got Marley to smile...Lyvi was so close to keeping her eyes open
 The best ones I got
We then had a family reunion! Alyviah and Marley just love their cousins Aliyah, Jada, and Shamon & their always so nice to play with them!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Money Factory

This beautiful girl has one hilarious personality
Lately she has been BIG into telling stories & so I thought I would share one
Lately money has been tight so were trying to cut down on eating out & extra things that we don't need. We used to take Lyv to walmart and let her pick out a toy about once a week..well now she has plenty of toys and that definitely goes on the list of things we don't need. She is always asking for happy meals etc. So lately she has heard the phrase "not today" A LOT
Well today were coming home & she decides to tell her nana a story...
Alyviah: "Listen nans I have a story"
Nana: "what is it lyvi"
Alyviah: "Oh it's a serious story"
Nana: "OK lyvi go ahead"
Alyviah: "Well nans we lost the money"
Nana: "oh really"
Alyviah: "Yup but don't worry were going to the money factory"
Nana: "sweet"
Alyviah: "Yeah, and I know how to get go straight take a left and a right and your's really little cause it's for little girls not big women"