Monday, January 24, 2011

Thank Goodness.....

If you know my husband, you know he is a HUGE Steelers fan.  I think at times, he thinks he's really on the team!  So day is a big deal around our house :)
 Trying to get a standing still real smiles picture with these two is impossible.
 Mckay, Matt, Logan.
Mckay is not a Steelers fan, I think because Logan in his eyes is so over the top, but he couldn't help but support :)
 Our little Cheerleader. 
Some Steelers Facts
  •  They were founded July 8, 1933 by Arthur Rooney, making them the 5th oldes franchise in the NFL.
  • They have been to 7 super bowls and have won six.  Four of those being in a six year span
  • There coach is Mike Tomlin who was hired in January of 2007.  He was the youngest coach at the time, and became the first coach in franchise history to win a divisional title in each of his first 2 seasons.  He was the youngest coach in NFL history to win a Super Bowl when they defeated the Arizon Cardinals in 2009.
  • Logans FAVORITE player Troy Polamalu is a big reason they win games.  He was there 1st round draft pick in 2003.
  • There biggest rival is the Baltimore Ravens who have never beaten them in the playoffs.  

Friday, January 21, 2011

Another First...

alyviah got her first Black Eye.
thanks to Marley who decided it would be a good idea to jump head first off the couch into Lyvs face....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cookie Day

My super cute a super cute aunt!
She watches a sweet little boy named Crew, and brings him over to play with Alyviah!
She trys to have stuff for them to the other day they made cookies!
They loved it...and seriously how cute are they together?!


Siosiua Atlas Militoni!
We love our new nephew!!

My Baby

I CAN NOT express how much I ADORE my girls!
And it breaks my heart to see them getting so big! I tell Lyvi everyday to stay little forever...and she quickly responds with " can't stop it...I'm getting bigger everyday."  She is too smart!!  
But especially lately I've noticed how BIG my baby is....
Marley is a BLAST and a half!!
She is hysterical and will do anything for a laugh!!
So I thought I would document her FAVORITE things...
Fake temper tantrums...after she's done and she's been ignored she says "sowwy mum"
Her stuffed animals and babies
EATING!!! (especially cupcakes)
Listening to Music on daddy's headphones
 My Dearest Marley Shay...I have enjoyed every second I have had with you!  I love how you call yourself "Shay-Shay" I love your sweet spirit and how you mimic EVERYTHING your big sister does.  I love to hear you speak to your heavenly father every night in your prayers...I know I can't understand everything you say...but I know he does, and I KNOW you have a special place in his heart.  

Saturday, January 1, 2011

yeah yeah...

So here are just a few of the pictures I didn't get blogged in 2010...mostly just halloween :)
Alyviah was Pocahontas and Marley was Belle
 Random of Lyv...she was being a super hero
 Random of Marley...this is her piece of fabric..which is now her favorite "blanket"
A Halloween temper tantrum...a x-mas eve temper tantrum..and a Christmas day temper tantrum
I Love My Little Drama Queen!!