Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a Reason to Celebrate

I am so proud of him and we are very blessed he got in!!
There were 29 spots open and 49 people there with applications. For over 2 hours they sat in a class room while they went through each application, and only 4 people didn't do it correctly so 45 people and only 29 spots....they drew out of a box! If you drew a number 1-29 you were in,  and our new lucky number is 10!!
He is the youngest person to get in by 5 years..I know he'll do great & were so excited :) 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Steel Days

The July festivities continue...with AF Steel Days.
once again I LOVE JULY!!
We started out with the Parade which lyv and I were in...of course I forgot my camera but she looked so dang cute!!
Then We went to the Carnival...GROSS...this was the first year I let lyv go, usually I avoid it at all costs but this year she saw it being set up & instantly fell in love...and I'm glad we did go, cuz I got cute pictures and Alyviah had a blast haha
Excited faces pre-carnival
 Family <3
Marley was tramatized after the ride and hid behind the bear
This one cracks me up

After the carnival we went over to our friends house and ate dinner and played outside
Marley & Jersey are best friends in the making haha
Lyv got a little onory
&& Marley is happy most of the time :)

Then we went to the AF highschool for there "picnic in a park"
it was a lot of fun, they had a cute carnival for little kids && it was a blast...
& yes I made Marley go on this ride with Jersey...and I went...so embarassing I know!
Marz loves her suckers :]
Just Dancin with the cousing 
We went with our friends 
Jordan and Lindsey
Maddy and Jeff (cute newlyweds huh)
And Siua & Kiersten
We love you guys & always have so much fun!!
This was thie girls 2 seconds after getting into the car...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Really annoyed....

logging into my blog all the time.
& my sister can't seem to get on my blog
so I am no longer private
i'm sure i'll go back and forth a few times :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Fun

Can I just say..I LOVED having the 4th of july on a Sunday!
We were able to spread out our fun for 3 days..and it was haaamazzing :)
I love July it's my favorite month.
On Saturday we went shopping for the girls outfits for Stadium of Fire..I know so late but it took me till then to convince logan they definitely needed them :)
We first went to Outback then over to Stadium of Fire!
I am in LOVE with Carrie Underwood she did amazing!!
The girls were great..we had ear plugs for Marley so she slept on me...till the fireworks started, she watched them pretty good until they got really fast then she got scared!
Lyvi of course had the ipod watching brother bear with huge Bose headphones on (they don't let any sound in which was so nice since lyv HATES loud noises). so the singing and fireworks would of made her histerical.
Logan suprisingly also really liked the show..he was dreading it because the last one we went to was Miley Cyrus..nuff said right..right!
The rest of the weekend consisted of Family~Friends~Fireworks~And a lot of fun :)
Of course I  forgot my camera to all those festivities but enjoy the picture overload of Stadium of Fire :)
 They are always fighting when trying to take pics together..usually because lyvs trying to make her participate haha.
This is Marleys "Cheese" face..it cracks me up!