Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Marley

It is marleys FIRST birthday today!
We absolutely adore her!
AT one she is eating...EVERYTHING
Drinking....MILK (whoot whoo)
Saying...Momma, hi, papa, dad, ash (kind of), wow, whoa, and OW (only after she hits her sister of course)
Walking....kind of haha 7 steps maximum
Fascinated by...BLONDES will go to anyone blonde, and toilets
Loves....her sister, but I have to say she's a mommas girl, but loves playing crazy with dad
Adores...her aunts and uncles,and  nana and papa!
Feels Free...when she's naked
Will...jump head first into a bath tub (scary) she loves water!
Quicker...than me,she's into everything ALL THE TIME, can't keep up with her messes sometimes
Learned....patience with Alyviah!

Getting to know our little girl has been an amazing year!
 Heres a pic overload!

Monday, April 12, 2010

here we go again...

After another incident I will be going private again!
If you weren't on my list before and want to be please leave your emails!!
Even if I don't know you that well don't feel shy :)
 These two didn't know each other that well once too...
now there friendship is blossoming :) haha

I will be going private in 3 days on Thursday!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


We just got back from an amazing vacation in California!!
So we'll start at the beginning :)
We stopped in Vegas on the way there & we went to Ceasars Palace to show the girls the fish tank...they loved it especially Marley!!!
Here's a pic to show that we FINALLY made it to California but only after me and logan rear ended someone, and were then pulled over all in a matter of 6 minutes!!  Alyviah and Emma couldn't wait for disneyland the next morning!
On the first day of Disneyland we took the girls to a place called Bibbidi Bobbidy Boutique!! And if you have little girls I highly suggest this place!! It's worth the money, they get dressed up and get there hair, makeup and nails done, it was Lyvi's favorite thing she did && was happy she got to do it with her cousin Emmalee!!  Afterward she saw her friend Quincy at Ashlee's cheer competition and I couldn't help snappin some pics  haha, they are adorable together!!
 Even though they loved it, the girls were happy to let there hair down!!
We were suprised that Alyviah was brave enough to do some of the rides, she mostly just like the carousel...we did it like five times!!  
Disneyland was a blast...Marley was missing in action in a lot of our pictures because it exhausted her & she just slept in the stroller totally oblivous to the fact she was in the happiest place on earth!  Her favorite time was at the hotel when she was able to get down and relax!!
 (she just found her toungue haha)
We went to Toon Town where they have all the characters houses!  It was Alyviah's favorite & she absolutely loved meeting Mickey Mouse; her favorite thing to tell people about this trip is that Mickey kissed her :)
The last day there the Lyvi and Emma finally were able to go to the  pool!! They loved it and were making friends with all the kids there!  They were so funny because they told everyone there names were Kelsey (Lyvi) and Chelsea (Emma) and would not answer us when we would call them by there real names; but would only reassure there new friends that there names were Kelsey and Chelsea!!  

If you made it to the end of this post I am proud...please come again :)
Pictures of the Beach coming SOON haha!