Monday, May 21, 2012

Life's Happenings...

Sheesh it's been forever! I am pretty sure there is a grand total of 2 people who still read this, I figure it will be good for me to look back on one day :)

Logan has almost been at his job at the jail for a year! This has been a great job for him, and he is doing really well!  This job is such a blessing for our little family, & we couldn't be more grateful for all the hard work he puts in!  I no longer work at the gym! I loved the people I worked with but I definitely don't miss the job! I now watch a few kids from my home, which has been another huge blessing! I love the kids I watch & the parents are all so sweet! 
We just had our 4th anniversary in May! We are so proud of that :)

Alyviah Kae turned 5 & is officially graduating from pre-school on Wednesday! She has learned so much from her school! We were lucky to find such an amazing one & I would recommend "FUNSHINE" to anyone! She was also on her first competition dance team! They did really well this year, and she absolutely loved every minute of it. Alyviah is still a huge sweet heart! She is a great sister, friend, & daughter! She is still a huge girly girl!  She hates getting too dirty and loves barbies, babies, dress up etc.

Marley Shay is now 3! She could possibly be the most hysterical 3 year old out there! It is rare to go more then an hour with out laughing at something she has to say!  For example here is a conversation we had last night.

Marley: "mom lyv said she hates me."
Alyviah. "I would never say that marley."
Marley: "shh lyv you didn't hear it."
Me. "hmm..marley care to explain how lyv didn't hear something she said?"

She is a spit fire, and has a definite temper, but she can also be the biggest sweet heart.  She is fiercely loyal to her sister, sometimes I wonder if Marley was supposed to be the bigger sister, because if you hurt alyviah or make her feel out!  She is not quite as "girly-girl" as Lyv.  She  LOVES her dinosaurs, horses and anything toy story!  She is excited to start gymnastics this summer, & is still wanting me to sign her up for wrestling...yes wrestling! She will start pre-school in September, and that kind of makes me sad!
This is what I got when I told her to smile...
Marley & Jersey

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  1. Hooray - I haven't been on blogs forever & you had three new posts! Your kids are so flipping cute & grown up! Marley looks so different than the last time I saw you guys! Your hair is stinking cute too! I would love to get the girls together for a playdate sometime...let me know if you ever want to -